Hotel sales representation, the link between hoteliers and the BtoB.

Getting identified by travel agents is not easy for hoteliers. Strong competition in some of France’s most popular destinations, geographical remoteness and a lack of knowledge of the specific features of our market: there are many obstacles to marketing an hotel.

Article 11 supports its clients on a daily basis to optimize their visibility with tourism professionals and develop their sales. This translates into numerous actions, such as training travel agents and tour operators, developing hotel visibility in TO brochures, selecting and negotiating the best rates for partners’ sales and marketing operations, organizing dedicated famtrips, organizing sales calls when hoteliers visit the market, creating and sending dedicated BtoB newsletters, creation of webinars, supporting travel agents with complex bookings… Article 11 represents its clients at events organized by tour operators and tourism boards, as well as at trade shows, according to each client’s needs. Proactivity is essential to anticipate the needs of travel agents and work with hoteliers on the best sales strategy. Tourism professionals appreciate the availability and day-to-day contact with a representative office, easily reachable since it is located in the same country. Being based in Paris, Article 11 can rapidly organize meetings with tourism professionals, most of whom are also located in the French capital. Rigorous follow-up of all actions in progress is essential, with a monthly report providing the client with an overview of all contacts and missions. Article 11 is committed to responding as quickly as possible to requests from tourism professionals, to help them with their sales and contribute to the hotelier’s image of quality in the marketplace.

Being the face of a hotelier, giving tourism professionals the reflex to contact the agency for any request: a mission that Article 11 has been carrying out for its clients for many years.