What are the main levers of PR ?

Press relations levers are varied and complementary.

Whatever the sector, the main lever is the network of journalists developed by the agency. The agency’s in-depth knowledge of the media, journalists’ expectations and needs, and the relationships of trust built over many years, are major levers in the success of a PR strategy.

Press tools come in a variety of formats: press kits, press releases, news flashes, opinion polls, white papers, market analyses, research reports (…) They can be combined with events such as press trips, conferences, product presentations, events or one-to-one meetings. Each tool must be relevant, targeted and adapted to journalists’ expectations and deadlines. The company’s image and the results of its press relations strategy depend on the quality of this information.

Of course, the digital world is also at the service of press relations: social networks, partnerships with influencers, blogs, websites…. They cannot be dissociated from traditional tools. But one does not replace the other; they are complementary, and each contributes to the PR communication strategy.

Finally, it’s important to add to these prerequisites that the quality of the relationship between the agency and its customer is essential. The agency must be a trusted partner, offering advice, listening, responsiveness and availability, rather than a mere service provider. It needs to understand the company’s culture and know what’s at stake in its market.

Press relations, or media relations for some, live up to their name: they are above all human relations, between the agency and its customer, between journalists, influencers and the agency, for the benefit of all.