Why use a press relations agency?

Press relations are specialized in communication between a company, public or private organization and journalists and influencers. It is an essential development tool for their reputation, and forms part of their overall communications strategy. A press relations agency is different from a press agency, which is made up of journalists who provide information for all media.

Calling on a press relations agency means putting a team of experts at your company’s service, with experience in writing, a wide network of media contacts and mastery of all communication tools and channels. External to the company, the team takes a fresh look at its business, providing support and advice on its communications strategy. In the event of a crisis, the agency is a partner of choice for its flexibility, advice and knowledge of the media.

Why choose Article Onze?

Article Onze has been an expert PR agency for companies and institutions since 1999 (200 references) in a wide range of sectors: tourism, lifestyle, real estate, agriculture, automotive, insurance, industry (….).

Our committed and passionate team of press officers is recognized and respected. Over the past 23 years, the agency has built strong, lasting relationships with journalists. Dedicated to results and customer satisfaction, the agency boasts a 95% satisfaction rate.