Why work with a representation agency?

Using the services of a destination representation agency can offer a number of advantages to companies and organizations involved in the tourism, hotel, convention and events sectors, as well as to local and state authorities. These include

Local expertise : Destination representation agencies are staffed by teams with in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry and its inner workings. They understand the tourist attractions, activities and experiences, and hospitality infrastructures that will serve industry players in their production and distribution. Knowledge of the product (destination, hotels, etc.) is easily acquired a posteriori. Elles comprennent les attraits touristiques, les activités et expériences, les infrastructures d’accueil qui vont servir les acteurs de l’industrie pour leur production, leur distribution.

Networking and partnerships : representative agencies have established solid partnerships with key players in the tourism and hospitality industry, such as tour operators, distribution networks, travel agencies, airlines, etc. They can facilitate connections with these partners to improve production and distribution.

Promotion and digital marketing : In order to establish a relevant strategy for penetrating the French market, destination representation agencies have real expertise in promotion and marketing, particularly digital marketing. They are familiar with the range of tools and platforms available in France, and can develop targeted marketing campaigns, communication strategies and attractive content to attract potential travelers.

Knowledge of trends and market intelligence : destination representation agencies monitor tourism market trends and news on a daily basis, and benchmark competitors’ campaigns and actions to optimize strategy and performance.

Event and convention management : destination representation agencies also facilitate the organization of professional events such as workshops, roadshows and sales missions. They will take care of all logistics on site, booking venues they know, issuing invitations, and recruiting through their qualified database to ensure the success of the event.

Improved customer service : agencies can also provide customer service (help desk) and BToB (sales calls). They can answer questions, help solve problems and guarantee a positive experience.

In conclusion, the presence of a representative in France is a real asset for destinations, hotels and receptives. An agency will enable them to have a physical interface in the country that will promote smoother exchanges, respond reactively to the problems of all industry players without time difference, and in French. Having a representative office will also make it easier to obtain information on market conditions and trends, and to maintain relations with institutions and embassies. Last but not least, a representative agency offers services provided by tourism experts who know all the players in the industry: tour operators, distribution networks, unions, journalists and influencers, and all the high-performance tools in France.